Meet the Team

Core Team (2023-2024)
Co-ordinator Incharge - Ms. Aastha Singh
Prakash Choudhary - President Manegerial
Sankalp Roy - President Operational
Arpit Gupta -
Aryan Maurya - Vice President
Bhavya Singh - Vice President
Rohan Singh - General Secretary
Kartikeya Chhikara - Joint General Secretary
Bhavya Mittal - Editor-In-Chief
Amrutanshu Tyagi - Head Technical Dept.
Jatin Rawat - Head Technical Dept.
Kartikeya Gupta - Head Event Management
Darsh Mittal - Head Design
Priyanka - Head External Affairs
Devanshi Sharma - Head Media Dept.
Ayush Kumar - Head Creative
Divy Kant - Head Public Relations
Pratap Ranjan - Senior Executive Members
Pranav Chauhan - Senior Executive Members
Adarsh Kumar - Senior Executive Members
Harsh Tomar - Senior Executive Members
Tanuj Vats - Senior Executive Members
Yashasvee Suri - Senior Executive Members


Junoon The Photography Club of NSUT

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Our Projects


Every picture has a story behind it! The picture shows its emotions through telling its unique story. A photographer is the one who knows each and every chapter of the photograph he takes. "Storygram" is a project of Junoon that admires clicking pictures that describe a story. It is just a random capturing of certain moments that are converted into a story. Different sceneries and sentiments in the surrounding are enough to encourage the cameraman to frame them. This project has helped the people to take photos suitable for a storygram. A kid, fruit-sellers, animals, roads, shelters, people, that means anything or anybody can contribute in the storygram. Storygram really makes the soul of a reader cherished by reading such heart-touching posts.


PhotoWars, the ultimate battle of photography prowess! This thrilling project pits photographers against each other in a captivating war of images. Each edition of PhotoWars unveils a unique theme, fueling the creativity and passion of participants. Taking place exclusively on our official Instagram handle, this online polling-based event allows our followers to decide the victorious photograph. Since its beginning in 2021, PhotoWars has experienced remarkable success and garnered immense engagement across our social media platforms. Our Instagram stories become the battleground, showcasing a series of captivating images. As a project and competition combined, the top three winning photographs earn the prestigious honor of being featured on our social media handles.

Humans of NSUT

The world is a stage. We merely tell untold stories through pictures and captions. We talk to different people who are a part of the NSUT family. Be it the seniors who share unfiltered experiences of their college life, the professors who taught us well, or the bhaiya at McCain famous for his Perri Perri fries! Inspired by the Humans of New York, Humans of NSUT is for all the people who contribute directly or indirectly to make these 145 acres in southwest Delhi exciting and fun. Cheers to all the humans out there! we owe it to you.

Our departments


At Junoon, the Photography Department is the heart and soul of our esteemed photography club at NSUT. Our passion for photography runs deep, and it is our primary focus. We are the eyes that capture the essence of every event organized by the admin, the exhilarating energy of college fests, and the memorable moments shared during society events. When you think of photography, you think of Junoon. With a team of highly skilled and talented photographers, we pride ourselves on being the best in our college. We strive to deliver exceptional visuals that preserve the spirit and significance of each occasion. Through our lenses, we transform fleeting moments into everlasting memories, encapsulating the true essence of Junoon.

Content Writers

Every photograph ever clicked at Junoon has a story and we are here to tell you those untold stories. We have many stories of this 145 acres campus be it of utmost happiness to sadness, success to disappointments, extreme positives to negatives. We capture stories of various people including the curious fresher who still has not toured the entire campus, McCain uncle who is just having a usual busy day at work, the security guard who asks for ID card even if you are entering the college for the millionth time or maybe a random student getting late for his class. We write storygrams which give life to the photographs and make you believe that a single photograph is capable of telling a thousand stories.

Graphic Design

Creativity is a speciality that is necessarily not possessed by everyone, but a Graphic Designer is blessed with this skill! Graphic designing is a way of interacting with people through incredible ideas that craft informative content in a beautiful piece of work. "Junoon Design" is a department that has designers who are responsible for developing different web designs, posters, brochures, logos, albums and many more illustrations like this. This department appreciates the beauty of the art of a designer who applies suitable techniques to enhance the font, colour, animation, shapes, images etcetera to make commendable designs. The designs produced are usually displayed at the occasion of festivals or some important events. The designers crave to impress the viewers at first glance by putting immense hard work and passion. Junoon Design invariably contributes something irresistible, just we need an artistic eye to praise that image.


Video means, just pick up the camera and move it all-around, record and broadcast whatever that you want. Isn't it? Fortunately, this is not true. "Videography" is a trend that shows a video has become a medium that persuasively describes all the essential facts anyone wants to convey to the people. Junoon continues to promote the stage of videography that has shared many happy moments on various orientations, college festivals, farewells, etcetera. A video is an efficacious blend of visuals, motion and sound that convince the viewers to embrace the content. A videographer does not merely shoot the footage but that person is accountable for editing the film, checking the sound production and applying designs to it. Videographers are plentiful creative which is a really important part of their profession as through video one can offer a fantastic and engaging experience to the audience.


So we got pictures, we got videos and we got stories, but to properly showcase this to the world, we needed a website. This is where the tech department of Junoon comes in. This department mainly deals with creating, maintaining and improving the official website of Junoon. A website is as good as its user experience and Junoon tries to provide an easy, informative, seamless UI that both showcases our talent but doesn't overwhelm the visitors with too much content. It also provides an easier way to get in contact with Junoon for collaborations. With time, we will also conduct all the competitions on the website itself, giving a dedicated space for budding and veteran photographers to interact and improve together.

Social Media

The Social Media Department at Junoon is the vibrant and interactive face of our photography society. They take charge of our Instagram handle and Facebook page, connecting with our followers and showcasing the essence of Junoon. With a keen eye for creativity, they curate and feature our finest photographs, captivating videos from the Videography Department, and stunning posters designed by the Graphic Design Department. Moreover, they actively engage with our community through the hashtag #junoonnsut, where every user who shares their exceptional photograph using the hashtag has the chance to be featured on our page. Through their dedication, the Social Media Department ensures that Junoon's captivating visuals reach a wider audience, fostering a sense of excitement and appreciation for the art of photography.