Welcome to the JUNOON timeline

Beyond the lens ft. Paritosh Anand
Junoon's latest event, "Beyond the Lens," held during Moksha-Innovision 2023, featured the esteemed speaker, Mr. Paritosh Anand. A renowned content creator, creative director, storyteller, and speaker, Mr. Paritosh captivated the audience with his insightful journey in the industry. The interactive speaker session provided a platform to delve beyond the surface of social media content and discover the untold stories and struggles. Having been featured on esteemed platforms like Forbes, Hindustan Times, and Times of India, Mr. Paritosh showcased his expertise. Junoon continues to inspire and connect through such enriching events.
Our first photo-walk was conducted in 2014. The location was Quran Minar. Everyone had a great time interacting with each other. Since then we have not stopped and have conducted 120+ photowalks. We have convered locations like Rashtrapaty Bhavan, Chandani Chowk, Humayu Tomb, Sundar Nursery etc.
Project reels was introduced in 2014 by one of the most creative batch of NSIT's Junoon.
The world is a stage. We merely tell untold stories through pictures and captions. We talk to different people who are a part of the NSUT family. Be it the seniors who share unfiltered experiences of their college life, the professors who taught us well, or the bhaiya at McCain famous for his Perri Perri fries! Inspired by the Humans of New York, Humans of NSUT is for all the people who contribute directly or indirectly to make these 145 acres in southwest Delhi exciting and fun. Cheers to all the humans out there! we owe it to you.
2010, the year when JUNOON-the photography club of NSUT (formerly NSIT) was founded.
On January 17, 2023, Junoon hosted its inaugural PhotoGallery on the orientation day for the '26 batch. The event featured a captivating display of the finest photographs captured by our talented photographers. The exhibition drew a significant number of students who were eager to appreciate and learn more about the art of photography. The members of Junoon were present throughout the event, assisting individuals who were keen to understand the techniques and locations behind the showcased photographs, offering guidance on enhancing their photography skills, and encouraging them to join the society. The event triumphed as a resounding success.
Resonanz'22 Official Aftermovie
Junoon made an aftermovie for Resonanz, the Intra-College Cultural Fest of NSUT. The newly formed Videography Department made diligent efforts, which were showcased brilliantly as they presented a captivating compilation of the events that were held during the three days of the fest.
Videography Department Formed
Introducing the Videography Department of Junoon. For the passion of capturing moments in motion, this department specializes in creating captivating reels, mesmerizing aftermovies, stunning cinematography, etc. From documenting events to crafting visual narratives, they bring stories to life through the lens.
Over these 2 topsy turvy years at NSUT, a crazy 3 day Moksha, HoNsut, burstful photo walks and tiring event coverings, we have found a family in college. Thanks to our seniors, who mentored and nurtured us, gave us treats, scolded us, even rejected our ideas, but no matter what they always had faith in us. Here’s to the batch of 2022! We send you countless love and wishes. Have a great journey ahead to your newest destinations
Photowars Introduced
Junoon proudly presents it's new exhilarating project, PhotoWars, wherein we'll be uploading a series of pictures on the story section of our official Instagram handle. Follow us on our official handles and stay tuned for further updates since we will be releasing the theme for this competition-cum-project pretty soon.
In the era of modernization and westernization when most of the people are moving away from their own culture and history Junoon NSUT conducts Ethnic day each year since 2018. Enabling the young generation to revive love and respect for their own culture and history.
Every picture has a story behind it! The picture shows its emotions through telling its unique story. A photographer is the one who knows each and every chapter of the photograph he takes. Storygram is a project of Junoon that admires clicking pictures that describe a story. It is just a random capturing of certain moments that are converted into a story. Different sceneries and sentiments in the surrounding are enough to encourage the cameraman to frame them. This project has helped the people to take photos suitable for a storygram. A kid, fruit-sellers, animals, roads, shelters, people, that means anything or anybody can contribute in the storygram. Storygram really makes the soul of a reader cherished by reading such heart-touching posts.
An eye of the photographer can see the weirdest things in an impressive fashion! The cameraman is always in a search of such moments. One of the amazing projects of Junoon is Project Perspective which is completely based on this theme. This gives you the freedom of clicking anything that may be real or illusionistic but it should blow the mind of the viewers by its creativity. You can find imaginativeness anywhere in this big sphere. To admire the scene in a different perspective all you need is to grope flora-fauna, architecture, monuments, people and many more things. This project has been going on for many years. People in Junoon have always come out with their unexpected innovativeness followed by their super skills in photography.